July 2015 Newsletter

Purpose: Make a difference
It's the dents that count

Steve Jobs' goal was to make a "dent in the universe." See what we can all learn from his way of thinking. More... | En Español... |Listen to this article...

Your kids can make a difference this summer

Summer gives kids a break from school schedules. It's the perfect time for them to use their talents and energies to help others. More... | En Español... | Listen to this article...

Our ideas about getting old are... getting old

When is someone "old"? Recent surveys show that many of our ideas about aging are changing. More... | En Español... | Listen to this article...

e-Thoughts — Does anyone notice what I did?

How do we know if our efforts to make a difference really matter? Here's one way of looking at it... More... | En Español... | Listen to this article...

June survey results — How do you maintain your wellbeing?

We offered a long list of choices and asked you to answer this question in June. Click here to read the top five ways you said you keep yourselves well.

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