What’s your conflict management style?

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If your answers were:

Mostly A’s: You use a competing style when it comes to conflict management. This style tends to focus on winning, even at the expense of the relationship. This style might “win you the battle” but “lose the war” if the relationship matters to you. When conflicts arise, take a moment to think about what’s at stake. You don’t always need to argue your point or prove that you’re right.

Mostly B’s: When conflicts arise, you may resort to an avoiding or accommodating style. Conflict can be uncomfortable. This discomfort may cause you to withdraw or give in to others at your own expense. This style is okay if you don’t care about the outcome. But it can create problems. You may experience growing resentment. Others may be irritated if you never speak up. Work on your confidence, assertiveness and communication skills. Practice negotiating. You may start to feel better about conflict once you start getting more of what you want.

Mostly C’s: You use a collaborating style of managing conflict. You stand up for yourself but not at the expense of the relationship. You listen to the other side and work to find a solution that benefits everyone. This style can give both sides a positive outcome and help preserve the relationship.