Suicide Prevention Month

Learn ways you can help prevent suicide

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. We'll be sending information and resources during September to help you learn more about this important topic. By understanding the issue of suicide, you can:

  • Recognize when someone’s at risk for suicide
  • Offer support
  • Know where to go for help
  • Reduce stigma

We can all do something about suicide. Check out this poster to see how you can recognize the signs and find support when you have concerns.

And keep an eye out for two more emails to help you better understand suicide. You’ll have access to a video, guidebook and more.

Our goal: to help you become more aware and willing to speak up for yourself or someone else in your life. Remember, mental health is not someone else’s worry. It concerns us all.


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September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Download this poster and share it with others to help spread the word.

Call us 24/7 for more information and resources.


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