Shedding light on depression

Depression is one of the most prevalent of all mental health challenges. But if you haven’t experienced depression yourself, you may not understand it.

Take some time to learn about depression by watching this webinar. It’ll help you:

  • See how depression is different from sadness or “the blues”
  • Find out some of the symptoms
  • Learn how you can help yourself or others who experience depression

Fight the funk and stand up for mental health

As Mental Health Month comes to an end, we hope you’ll take advantage of all the resources we’ve presented. As a reminder, you can always go back and review these articles, videos and guides:

Remember that no one is immune to emotional and mental health issues. Now’s a good time to commit to keeping your body and mind fit and healthy.

May is Mental Health Month. Read our free guidebook to learn more about depression, anxiety and other common emotional and mental health issues.


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