Let’s raise awareness about mental health

Would you try to help a stranger crying in a mall? Would you know what to say or do if a friend or relative talked about being suicidal? Do you know if anxiety or depression can be treated or cured?

When it comes to answering questions like these concerning mental health, many people are at a loss. The more you know, the better you can help yourself and others through difficult times in life.

Without mental health, there is no health

Mental well-being is key to feeling good, handling life and enjoying satisfying relationships. Our free mental health awareness guidebook answers many questions about mental and emotional health. And it gives practical ideas and resources for further help.

And don’t forget. . .

In case you’ve missed or want to review any of the other mental health materials we’ve referred to this month, they include:


May is Mental Health Month. Read our free guidebook to learn more about depression, anxiety and other common emotional and mental health issues.


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