What does emotional distress look like?

When you cut your arm, you wear a bandage. If you break your leg, you wear a cast or use a crutch.

But what about when you’re depressed or anxious? When it comes to emotional or mental pain, it’s not always clear to see what hurts.

You can learn what to look for

There are signs of mental and emotional pain you can look out for — though they’re not as obvious as casts and crutches.

The Campaign to Change Direction has described five signs. They’re outlined in these videos. Once you learn the signs, you’ll be more likely to sense a mental or emotional crisis and get help.

Did you miss. . .

You can watch the week one video on depression or read the transcript.

And be sure to read or re-read "Talking with friends and family about mental health issues"

Finally, remember that the five signs are meant to help you become more aware and to make emotional wellbeing a priority.


May is Mental Health Month. This week, you can learn the signs of emotional distress. You can help change or even save a life.


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