Talking about mental health

Do you tell your friends when you have a cold? Chances are you do. Do you share your feelings when you’re anxious or depressed? Maybe not.

While many of us talk openly about physical problems, we may not feel as free to discuss our mental or emotional struggles. Why? There’s often a sense of stigma around these issues.

Let’s start the conversation today

It’s time to take the shame out of mental health problems. Let’s debunk the myths that have kept us from talking about our feelings the same way we talk about our physical health challenges.

Read more in this week’s article, "Talking with friends and family about mental health issues." You’ll get tips for talking to others when you’re concerned about them. And you’ll learn some signs that could point to emotional and mental health problems.

There’s more. . .

Did you miss last week's video, “Depression: It’s more than the blues”? Don't worry. You can watch it now or read the transcript.

And remember, your emotional and mental well-being is every bit as important as your physical well-being. Take care of both to be your best.


May is Mental Health Month. Learn about ways you can help yourself and others make emotional well-being a priority.


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