Dealing with depression

May is Mental Health Month: A perfect time to shed light on mental health matters.

This week, we’ll talk about depression. Sometimes called the "common cold" of mental health, depression can be tough to spot. It doesn’t look the same for everyone. But it does consist of hopelessness and sadness that lasts weeks or longer. And it hurts.

The “good news” about depression is that there’s help. Watch this week’s video, “Depression: More than just the blues” or read the transcript to learn more about it.

There’s more to come. . .

As the month goes on, we’ll provide articles, videos and other materials. Our goal: to help you become more aware and willing to speak up for yourself or someone else in your life. Remember, mental health is not someone else’s worry; It concerns us all.


May is Mental Health Month. It’s a good time to learn more and take action to help yourself or someone you love.

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