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Ways to stay safe and still find joy and meaning in the holidays during COVID-19

The holiday season often comes with its own set of stresses and challenges, but this year has added a new level of stress and uncertainty as a result of COVID-19.  This presentation will focus on:

  • Safety considerations for your holidays

  • Alternative ways to stay connected

  • Ways to find joy and true meaning during the holidays

December 8 @ 4 PM ET

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Another COVID-19 challenge: Dealing with loneliness during the holiday season

This year, COVID-19 will likely cause many family members and friends to be apart during the holidays. That can create loneliness at a time when "joy" is usually on the calendar. 

Join this webinar to explore, understand and deal with these circumstances. Come away with ideas to enjoy the holidays even if you’re separated from loved ones.

December 10 @ 4:15PM ET

Stop the toe-tapping: improve your patience

December 3 @ 3 PT ET

Apologizing: What, when and how

December 10 @ 3 PM ET

Letting go of the past: Your life is now!

December 17 @ 3 PM ET

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